Research in the Lab

The C.H.A.T. Lab is dedicated to researching cancer prevention and behavioral determinants of health, including commercial tobacco use and obesity, among marginalized and underserved groups. We pride ourselves on our community-based, health disparities research using quantitative and qualitative methodologies. We currently have three major research projects:

C.H.A.N.G.E. Project

Community Health Allies Nicotine Guidance Education

This project focuses on modifying a current evidence-based tobacco cessation curriculum for community health workers (CHW) and aims to test the training’s receptivity among CHW.

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CHW and Advance Care Planning

Training Community Health Workers to Increase Advance Care Planning among Black Women with Breast Cancer

This project focuses on examining current advance care planning (ACP) practices in healthcare settings, understanding the role that CHW can play in facilitating ACP conversations, and aiming to develop a training for CHW to be integrated in this model.

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Obesity and Inflammation in Ex-Smokers

Examining differential effects of obesity on inflammation in ex-smokers to understand racial disparities in cancer risk

This project focuses on examining C-reactive protein (CRP) as a biomarker for inflammation, and using it to characterize race differences in inflammation, obesity and lung cancer incidence among African American and non-Hispanic white ex-smokers.

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